About Us

Yea, but who are we?

Here at ABUniverse we know that AB/DL opinions matter, why? Because our team is 100% AB/DL and we talk about the products we like and want more of! Thanks to the “big boys” Casey Strom and our dedicated diaper team, we’re making it happen by staying active in our local and online communities; listening to your feedback and want to make the way you buy diapers awesome and easy! Additionally, we use our own products on a daily basis and constantly listen to your experiences so we can focus on any improvements to make. One thing we always do is listen to you, the feedback we receive from the community helps us make ABU better for everyone!

What Are Our Goals?

World Domination! Just kidding, we’re simply really super passionate about diapers! The gang here at ABUniverse wants to make the best diapers in the world for the best AB/DL’s in the world, YOU! We have committed and focused our values into letting people know that’s it’s ok to have healthy AB/DL habits and want to share those efforts by promoting safe lifestyle choices, such as, mental health and stress management, mental/physical decompression, and the coping tools of regression and reflection. ABUniverse’s goal is positive communication with people about infantilism, incontinence awareness and letting people understand there are a lot more of us around than many people think!

Perks to shopping with ABU

  •  Checkout by 1:00PM Pacific Standard Time and your order will be shipped the very next business day!
  •  Electronic payments will always be listed as “STROM”
  •  Shipping is always in plain, opaque packaging (non-see-through) and will have sender information clearly stated as STROM or Strom Holdings with our physical address and alternate callback number.